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Member Registration

Welcome to our new Membership Signup Page

As we have switched the system we kindly ask also existing members to re-enter data.
Please choose your type of membership, and then proceed to the details.
All applications entered after Oct 1st will automatically include the following year.
As of 2018, multiple registrations bundled under one clinic for only one membership contribution are not longer supported. Each professional must apply and register on his/her own behalf.
On this page you can choose between Doctor and Assitant membership types.
The contribution fee listed below at Standard Membership Contribution Fee, is the basic option.
Renewals and New Memers
Choose the desired membership type from Standard Membership Contribution Fee.
Should you wish to have a Featured Member Profile on our Organization's website (click here to see an example), then please choose as well the "Option: upgrade to Featured Member on" below.
Existing members
In case a member paid already the Standard Membership Contribution Fee for the current year and later wishes to upgrade the membership to Featured Member, then choose "Featured Member, upgrade only (for members that paid the standard already)" and procede to payment. 
The membership contribution fee as well as other extras, are charged for the current year, they are non-divisible (paid in full for the whole year) and they are non-refundable.
The application is considered complete when the payment of the contribution and all the above documents have been received. The FUEERN number will be issued to each member only after the procedure is complete.
FUE Europe Member