FUE EUROPE – Access to the future

FUE Europe was the first FUE society in the world and composed of some of the most experienced FUE faculty. FUE Europe holds annual live surgery events along with an annual scientific meeting. This makes FUE Europe the most important FUE society in the world with the most well respected FUE surgeons in the world.


Some important points

• FUE Europe is focused on educating physicians and protecting consumers through its meetings, publications, and a collaboration with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery.
• FUE Europe does not promote nor endorse delegating surgery to assistants. The board of FUE Europe is composed of individuals who practice FUE surgery by their own hands – so also gaining and improving this modern technology.
• FUE Europe feels it is important to train surgeons properly in the performance of FUE so that these educated surgeons can properly supervise their support staff.
• Accordingly, FUE Europe will open the first University based FUE training institution in Patras, Greece in June 2019.
• FUE Europe also feels the protection of patients means that surgeons must understand all aspects of FUE surgery. The rest of the team must be properly supervised and trained in their role in the hair transplant procedure.


FUE EUROPE - Access to better education

Today it is important to break down the barriers that separate hair transplant societies and individual physicians. For too long societies and physicians have protected their individual turf. Other societies and relevant physicians from FUE Europe must come together in an effort to provide a higher level of service, better education, and consumer protection. What matters is that patients locate skilled surgeons rather than cosmetically disfiguring turnkey clinics. Once this protectionism fades, both the surgeon and patient will benefit. Our focus must be on quality as a whole rather than on individualism.

The 8th annual FUE Europe meeting in Manchester, UK is managed by program chairman Dr. Asim Shahmalak, who prepared a wonderful venue and social program. This meeting will be the most highly attended FUE meeting ever in the world with over 200 attendees expected. The overall format of this meeting will be the most technologically advanced meeting that has taken place. Both the faculty and the material will be far superior to any other organization forming a meeting on FUE in 2019. If you want to be relevant in hair restoration surgery today, this is a must attend meeting for you in 2019.


Meet the patients needs

The FUE Europe meeting will be telecast live on the internet by The Bald Truth hosted by consumer advocates Spencer Kobren, Spencer Stevenson, and Joe Tillman. Patient advocates and repair patients that host important internet forums including Bellicapelli, Hair Loss Experiences, International Hairloss Forum and Alopezie.de will present the leading US and European platforms for patient communication.

This will be the first scientific meeting to include consumer advocates in the program by co-hosting the meeting with the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgery.

In addition, this meeting will be the first to open the doors to patients for a portion of the meeting. Celebrity patients will be in attendance to tell their story of how they were cosmetically disfigured by unskilled surgeons and subsequently repaired by better trained surgeons. Patients and consumer advocates will be on hand to discuss the greatest danger facing our industry today, which is the performance of surgery by assistants for surgeons with little or no hair transplant training.


Meet the industry and suppliers

This will be the second most attended meeting this year with numerous sponsors in attendance. To be relevant in hair restoration surgery today, you must plan to attend this meeting.

Dr. Asim Shahmalak
(Program Chairman )
Dr. John Cole
(Scientific director)