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Day 1 

 June 6th, Scandinavian Ballroom, 8 am

  Topic Speaker Moderator
      Christian Bisanga
8:00-8:05 Program Chairman Address Asim Shahmalak  
8:05-810 Presidents Note Christian Bisanaga  
8:10-8:15 Scientific Director Address John Cole  
  Plenary Session with Keynote Lectures 1   Moderator
      John Cole
8:15-8:30 Super Giga Sessions up to 14,000 Scalp Grafts Tsvetalin Zarev  
8:30-8:36 Lastest Book on FUE from a European's Persepctive, The Birthplace of Modern FUE Reza Azar  
8:36-8:46 The History of FUE Bill Rassman  
8:46-9:00 Discussion    
  Medical Therapy   Moderator
      Micahel May
9:00-9:10 New Medical Treatment for AGA Prof. Vano-Galvan  
9:10-9:20 Diet and Micronutrients Mariana Alves  
9:20-9:28 Topical Finasteride Ed Epstein  
9:28-9:38 Discussion    
  Free Papers   Moderator
      Emorane Lupanzula
9:38-9:45 FUT: Is It Really Necessary: Lessons Learned Muhammad Ahmad  
9:45-9:52 FUE on Post Burn Alopecia to Face and Scalp Mughese Amin  
9:52-9:59 How to Cover More Area with Fewer Grafts Arika Bansal  
9:59-10:07 Best Technqiues for Developing Skills in FUE Gorana Kuka-Epstein  
10:07-10:15 PDO Threads for Hair Regrowth with or without PRP:”  Techniques, Risks, Benefits & Results Alan Bauman  
10:15-10:22 Balance Between Donor area and Recipient Area Carlos Calixto  
10:22-10:29 Advanced Hair Loss Mangement Pradeep Sethi  
10:29-10:36 The Gold in Gold Standard Teinder Bhatti  
10:36-10:44 Causes of hair loss in Men and Women Flavia Barsali  
10:44-10:51 Value of a Compounding Pharmacy in the Trichological Setting Mauro Castiglioni  
10:51-10:58 Psychology of Hair Loss Joe Tillman  
10:58-11:08 Discussion    
11:08-11:28 Coffee Break    
  Donor Harvesting   Moderator
      Jeff Epstein
11:23-11:30 Punch options Sanusi Umar  
11:30-11:37 Depth Control and why Paul Rose  
11:37-11:44 Value of Adipose Angelo Trivisonno  
11:44-11:51 Punch size and comparison options Phillipe Ginouves  
11:51-11:58 Manual harvesting Chris Bisanga  
11:58-12:05 Mechanical Harvesting Humayun Mohmand  
12:05-12:12 Long Hair FUE Otavio Boaventura  
12:12-12:19 No Shave FUE John Cole Parsa Mohebi
12:19-12:29 Discussion    
12:29-1:29 Lunch    
  Body Hair Transplants and Specialty cases    
1:29-1:37 Overview Arvind Poswal Reza Azar
1:37-1:45 Beard hair harvesting Robert True  
1:45-1:52 Beard Hair Harvesting with Bifurcated punch Ozgur Oztan  
1:52-2:02 Nerve blocks Tulin Esmer  
2:02-2:10 Beard hair transplantation Brad Wolf  
2:10-2:25 Eyebrows, Eyelashes, and other Body Areas Jeff Epstein  
2:25-2:33 Craniotomy Scars Parsa Mohebi  
2:33-2:41 Hair Transplants In Asians Michael Kim  
2:41-2:51 Comparison of placement using forceps Vs. Implanters. Mauro Speranzinni  
2:51-2:58 Immpermanent Trichopigmentation Milena Lardi  
2:58-3:10 Transgender Surgery MTF, FTM Jeff Epstein  
3:10-3:20 Combining Follicular Unit Extraction and Scalp Micropigmentation for the Cosmetic Treatment of Alopecias Bill Rassman  
3:20-3:27 Pubic Hair Enhancement Jeff Epstein  
3:27-3:37 Discussion    
3:37-3:53 Coffee Break    
  Regenerative Medicine    
3:53-3:41 Follicle Stem Cells Pietro Gentile Georgios Zontos
3:41-3:51 Stromal Vascular Frackiion for Hair Los Gorana Kuka-Epstein  
3:51-4:01 Adipose Stem Cells using Mechanical Filtration Angelo Trivisono  
4:01-4:09 Activation of Adipose Stem Cells with HD PRP Ryan Welter  
4:09-4:16 PRP Myth or Reality Robert Niedbalski  
4:16-4:24 Different PRP Systems, a Comparison Paul Rose  
4:24-4:34 Fat Grafting preserving Adipose Derived Cells (ADCc) and micro vesicles: the new paradigm in Hair Loss Treatment Hebert Lamblet  
4:34-4:42 Platelet Lysate Chiara Insalaco  
4:42-4:49 Influence of Growth Factor Concentration and Amniotic Membrane on Dermal Papilla John Cole  
4:49-4:57 "ABCs of ECMs, MSCs, Microparticles, Etc: Xenografts, Allografts & Exosomes Alan Bauman  
4:57-5:12 Q&A    
  Repair Surgery    
5:12-5:20 Elevating the hairline with FUE harvesting Patrick Mwamba Harald Eberson
5:20-5:27 Removing Mini-grafts with an 18 gauge scalpel John Cole  
5:27-5:35 Changing Hairline Shape Christian Bisanga  
5:35-5:42 SMP to FUE extraction site White Dots John Cole  
5:42-5:50 Addition of Body Hair Sanusi Umar  
5:50-5:58 Treating strip scars with grafts and SMP Bill Rassman  
5:58-6:06 Complications in FUE Arika Bansil  

Breakout Sessions (Extra Fees applicable)
June 6th, Denmark room 

Breakout Session 1 -  9:30 am

  Donor Harvesting Devices   Moderator
      Tejinder Bhatti
9:30-9:38 Lead M Device Michael Kyuho Lee  
9:38-9:46 Artas Ken Anderson  
9:46-9:54 FUE: New A-design: comparison of different punches Muhammad Ahmad  
9:56-10:04 Trevillii Harvesting Device and Punches Parsa Mohebi  
10:04-10:12 Knock-Off Options Chris Bisanga  
10:12-10:20 PCID and Punches John Cole  
10:20-10:28 WAW Device and Punches David Joesephitis  
10:28-10:35 Vortex Chiara Insalaco  
10:35-10:42 Harris Safe System and Punches Scott Boden  
10:42-10:54 U Graft and Punches Sanusi Umar  
10:54-11:02 A Comparison of Cole Instruments, Mamba, and Dr. U Devices in my Hands Ezequiel Panno  
11:02-11:17 Discussion    

 Breakout Session 2 - 3:00 pm

  Implanters and Graft Implantation   Moderator
      Carlos Calixto
2:30-2:38 Automated Incicion and Implantation Kuldeep Saxena  
2:38-2:46 Implanter Options Pradeep Seethi  
2:46-2:56 OKT Implanter Kun Oc  
2;56-3:06 Dull Implanters Mauro Speranzini  
3:06-3:14 SAVA Vasa Implanter the Origin of the KEEP Arika Bansil  
3:14-3:22 Mohebi Inserter Parsa Mohebi  
3:22-3:42 Sharp Implanters in pre-made sites using multiple blades Thitiwat Wirarojratchakul  
3:42-3:50 Stick and Place Ozgur Oztan  
3:58-4:06 Every Hair Counts; Getting Everything to Grow Brad Wolf  
4:06-4:14 Eyebrow Transplantation Reza Azar  
4:14-4:29 Discussion The Panel  


Day 2

June 7th, Scandinavian Ballroom, 7 am

  Topic Speaker Moderator
7:00-8:45  Morbity and Mortality Scott Boden  
  Topic Speaker Moderator
      Asim Shahmalak
  Plenary Session: Keynote Lecture 2    
9:00-9:15 Assessment and Medical Management of Cicatriial Alopecia Matt Harries  
9:15-9:30 Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia and Lichen Planopilaris Khalil Khatri  
9:30-9:37 Diffuse Alopecia Theresa Myer  
9:37-9:47 Dermoscopy and Asssesment of Hair Loss Prof. Serrano-Falcon  
9:47-9:54 Preconditiong FFA for Long Term Graft Survival Jeff Epestein  
9:54-10:09 Panel Discussion Scarring Alopecias, Diagnosis, Treatment, Precautions John Cole, Angelo Trivisonno, Ryan Welter, Paul Rose, Pradeep Sethi, Krystalia Kyparissou, and speakers  
10:09-10:24 Coffee Break    
  Donor Area    
      Carlos Calixto
10:24-10:34 Donor area Assesment and Math Paul Rose  
10:34-10:41 The Safe and Safer Donor Area Patrick Mwamba  
10:41-10:48 Donor Area Harvesting Strategies Emorane Lupanzula  
10:48-10:55 Response of Follicles to Finasterie and Minoxidl Jean Devroye  
10:55-11:02 Transection Rate Based on Donor Area Location Jisung Bang  
11:02-11:09 Sedtation and Nitrous Oxide Ryan Welter  
11:09-11:16 Avoiding over Harvesting Sanusi Umar  
11:16-11:23 Donor Area Anesthesia Scott Boden  
11:23-11:30 Calculating Follicular Unit Availablity and Harvest Percentage Kimberly Wallace Theresa Myer
11:30-11:37 Harvesting Outside the "Safer" Donor Area Ezequiel Panno  
11:37-11:44 Reaching your Projected Graft Estimate Georgios Zontos  
11:44-11:51 FUE Wounding Paul Rose  
11:51-11:58 Maximal Harvesting Based on Hair and Density Qualities Glenn Charles  
11:58-12:05 NPRT System to assist surgical management Muhammad Ahmad  
12:05-12:15 Comparison of Harvesting with Four Different FUE Machines/Punches in a 20 Patient Study Mauro Speranzinni  
12:15-12:22 Graft and Hair Yeilds in a Side by Side Comparison of FUE and FUT David Joesephitis  
12:22-12:29 Quality Control of Donor Harvesting    
12:29-12:39 Q&A    
12:39-1:29 Lunch    
  Recipient Area    
1:29-1:44 Hair Line Design and Temple Points Ron Shapiro Bill Rassman
1:44-1:51 Hair line Design in Females Pradeep Sethi  
1:51-1:58 Poor Hair Line Designs Sever Muresanu  
1:58-2:05 Matching Grafts to location on the scalp Emorane Lupanzula  
2:05-2:12 Matching Follicle Diameter and Donor Source to the Recipient Area Including Body Hair Lars Heitmann  
2:12-2:19 Hair Line Advancement and Forehead Reduction Jeff Epstein  
2:19-2:26 Quality Control in the Recipieint Area Paul Rose  
2:26-2:33 Underestimating the value of LLLT Reza Azar  
2:33-2:48 Debate: Single Hair Vs. Muliiple Hair Eyebrow Grafts Jeff Epstein,  
2:48-3:03 Q&A    
3:03-3:18 Coffee Break    
  Graft Care and Implantation of Grafts    
3:18-3:28 Storage Solutions and Temperature Paul Rose  
3:28-3:35 Forceps Implantation Christian Bisanga  
3:35-3:45 Use of Dull Implanters in Pre-made Sites for Speed and Efficiency Compared to Sharp Implanters Mauro Speranzinni  
3:45-3:52 Follicle and Graft transection rates Harald Eberson  
3:52-4:02 OKT implanter Kun Oc  
4:02-4:10 Response of Follicles to Finasteride and Minoxidil; A pilot study Jean Devroye Modertator
4:10-4:18 Potential Regeneration of Transected Hair Follicles in the Donor area Using FUE Georios Zontos Ozgur Oztan
4:18-4:25 Caring for Grafts and Training Your Team Christian Bisanga  
4:25-4:32 Quality Control Mark Destefano  
4:32-4:47 Debate: Grafting Vs. Hairline advancement Chris Bisanga, Jeff Epstein  
4:47-5:02 Q&A    
5:02-5:17 Break    
  Consumer Advocacy and Celebrity Patients    
5:17-5:33 Debate: Can Plastic Surgeons Perform Hair Transplant Surgery Properly? Jeff Epstein, Chiara Insalaco  
5:33-5:53 The Voice of Hair Transplant Surgery Spencer Kobren  
5:53-6:13 Being Relevant Today Spencer Stevenson  
6:13-6:33 The Hair Transplant Mentor Joe Tillman  
6:33-6:43 My Botched Hair Transplant Kyle Christie  
6:43-6:53   Patient 2  
6:53-7:03   Patient 3  
7:03-7:23 Q&A    

SMP, Stem Cells, and Smart Graft

  Surgery Operator
10:00-12:00 Trichopigmentation Milena Lardi
10:30-12:30 Micropigmentation Dawn Forshaw
11:00-11;15 Coffee Break  
12:30-1:30 Lunch  
1:30-5:30 Smart Graft Harvest and Implantation Alan Bauman
2:30-5:30 Stromal Vascular Fraction, PRP, Microparticles, and Follicle Stem Cells Angelo Trivisonno, Hebert Lamblet Pietro Gentile, Ryan Welter, Filippo Calcagni


Day 3

June 8th, Main Hall (Scandinavian Room), 7 am

  Topic Speaker
  Moderators: Craig Ziering, Bob True  
  Building Blocks  
7:00-7:15 Break to Live Surgery  
7:15-7:25 Donor Evaluation Chiara Insalaco
7:25-7:33 Follysis Georios Zontos
7:33-7:43 Coverage Value Maria Angelica Muricy
7:43-7:50 Hair Check Chiara Insalaco
7:50-7:57 Hair Trnasplants in Those of Color Alba Sagiv
7:57-8:12 Break to Live Surgery  
8:12-8:20 The Consultation Antonio Alcaide
8:20-8:27 The "Safer" Donor Area Carlos Calixto
8:27-8:35 Workup of Female Hair Loss Gorana Kuka-Epstein
8:35-8:42 Recipient Area Evaluation and Measurement Ozgur Oztan
8:42-849 Surgical Planning for present and future hair loss Anastasios Vekris
8:49-8:56 Managing the Young Patient Ramiro Yane Mana
8:56-9:06 Anatomy of the Scalp and Beard Tulin Esmer
9:06-9:21 Break to Live Surgery  
9:21-9:28 Hair Follicle Anatomy and Biology Harald Eberson
9:28-9:35 Risk Factors in Hair Transplantation Ezequiel Panno
9:35-9:43 The Difficult Hair Transplant Patient Elif Kuzgun
9:43-9:50 Transplanting Professional Tennis Players Felix Propescu
9:50-10:05 Break to Live Surgery  
10:05-10:12  FUE on post burn alopecia on face and scalp Mughese Amin
10:12-10:29 Post-operative Care and Follow-up Laura Calcedo Albarello
10:29-10:36 Ethics Bill Rassman
10:36-10:51 Q&A  
10:51-11:06 Coffeee Break  
  Video Presentations  
11:06-11:09 Automated Implantation Kuldeep Saxena
11:09-11:12 Use of Vasa Implanter During Donor Harvesting Pradeep Sethi
11:12-11:15 Graft Shower to Clean Grafts John Cole
11:15-11:18 Surface Area Calculation Ozgur Oztan
11:18-11:21 Body Hair for the Hairline Sanusi Umar
11:21-11:24 Recipient Area Incision Site Options Harald Eberson
11:24-11:29 Recipient Area Anesthesia Brad Wolf
11:29-11:39 Performing a Hair Transplant Alone Lars Heitmann
11:39-11:54 Break to Live Surgery Moderators
11:54-12:01 Graft Tabulator Software Nikolas Cole
12:01-12:08 Matching Graft Size to Implanter Size Otavio Boaventura
12:08-12:13 Determing folilcle length and why Asim Shahmalak
12:13-1:13 Lunch  
1:13-1:28 Break to Surgery  
  Panel Discussions Moderator
1:28-1:43 Hair Transplant Disasters Sever Muresanu
1:43-1:58 Appropriate Hairline Location Chris Bisanga
1:58-2:13 Topical Finasteride Ed Epstein, Chiara Insalaco, Bola
2:13-2:28 Break to Surgery  
2:28-2:43 Turnkey Medical Practices Spencer Kobren
2:43-2:58 Predicting Donor Capacity Chiara Insalaco
2:58-3:13 Break to Surgery  
3:13-3:28 Discussions  
3:28-3:43 Coffee Break Moderators and Panel
3:43-3:58 Interesting Cases Bejan Feriduni
3:58-4:13 Mangging overharvested Donor Areas Harald Eberson
4:13-4:33 Break to Surgery and Discussion  
4:33-4:48 Quality Control Measures Patrick Mwamba
4:48-5:05 Break to Surgery and Discussion  
5:05-5:15 Whey Protein Hair Help Larry Shapiro
5:15-5:22 5. More ergonomic approach in FUE. JS Bang
5:22-5:29 Transplating Professional Tennis Players Felix Popescu
5:29-5:32 Donor area healing Alex Seiadatan
5:32-5:39 Making Incisions; Getting Incision Angels and Density Right Brad Wolf
5:39-6:00 Bring It On. Free for all from the floor to the podium  

 Live Broadcast from the Surgery Suite to the Scandinavian Room

7:00-12:00 Surgery Room 1 Surgeons
  Manual and Mechanical Cole and Mwamba
  Harvest with PCID and Zero-T John Cole, Carlos Calixto
  Harvest manual Patrick Mwamba
  Implantation Technician/Surgeon
  Forceps Shahmalak Team
  Implanters Kun Oc/Mauro Speranzini
  OKT Kun Oc
  OKT and Rainbow Dull Mauro Speranzini
  Surgery Room 2  
  Surgery 1 Surgeon
  Harvest With WAW David Joesephitis
  Eyebrow Surgery Jeff Epstein
  Surgery Room 3  
  Surgery 2 Surgeon
  Long Hair FUE Mohebi and Otavio Boaventura
  Harvest with Trevillini Mohebi
  Harvest with PCID and Otavio
  Otavio Punch  
  Implantation Surgeons
  Implanters Otavio
  SAVA Vasa Implanter Arika Bansil
12:13-1:13 Lunch  
  Surgery Room 1  
13:13-17:13 Eyelashes Surgeon
    Asim Shahmalak
  Stromal Vascular Fraction, PRP, Microparticles, and Follicle Stem Cells Angelo Trivisonno, Hebert Lamblet Pietro Gentile, Ryan Welter, Filippo Calcagni